This is the official website of the Frontier Elite Awards.

We are doing this to praise, congratulate, help, worship, humiliate, insult and yawn at some of the best websites, screenshots, fiction in the FEU.

After very little sucess with the screenshots, and the daily upkeep being a bit too much, I've removed the screenshot section. If you were fond of it, e-mail me and send some shots.

Incase you were wondering what we would be judging you on...heres a lengthy list.

-Speed & Bandwidth Sensitivity
-HTML Quality
-Navigation & Links
-Graphic Design
-User Friendliness
-Aesthetics & Beauty
-Alignment & Layout
-Human Interactivity
-Information Process
-Verbal Expression
-Attention to detail
-Innovation & Lateral Thinking
-Client Respect 
-Advanced Components
-Overall Site Effectiveness
-Differentiation & Branding Strategy

For a more detailed description click here